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Massage Delivered To You

Ready for a relaxing spa treatment without having to go out ?

Leave all your worries behind and enjoy a 60 minutes full body Massage in the comfort of your home. Enjoy instant relaxation without having to go to a spa. Book your session now !

This is ideal for:
Friends or couples at home or at a hotel. The massages may be done by more than one therapist, depending on whether you want to be side by side or take turns.

Elderly people or people with disabilities. Therapeutic massage is great for arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Pregnant women or new mothers. The massage is adapted to the individual’s circumstances.

A family event or a gathering of friends. In this case, opt for a massage chair and aim for 15, 20 or 30 minutes per person.

A work team meeting or retreat, in the office or elsewhere. For this kind of group, chair massage is ideal.
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Book your Therapeutic Massage Package
M001 - Rs 1500

The therapist uses aromatic oils and a variety of Ayurvedic techniques to detox and nourish your body as well as promotes healthy circulation and joints. Take advantage of a good massage to help relieve discomfort associated with everyday stress, muscle pains, and occupational overuse syndromes.

If you lack mobility or opportunity to travel to a massage therapist or a hair salon get the therapist to come to you in private homes, retirement villages, aged care facilities, hospitals or wherever you are staying. The massages is done in the comfort of your chair and you can remain fully clothed. We do have massage tables or even a mat, but the massages can be customised to suit you.

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Below is a list of what's included in your Therapeutic Massage Package: